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Paul Stone Knows How Incredible San Francisco Can Be

October 10, 2015

Paul Stone San FranciscoPaul Stone knows how incredible San Francisco can be, because he has spent much of his career as a sales specialist in the area. He has worked in the California Bay Area for much of his adult life, but is especially drawn to the city of San Francisco. Paul Stone knows how special the hotels, businesses, start-ups, and charitable organizations are in San Francisco because he has worked for many of them over the years. This includes working mainly in the hospitality industry and with non-profits.

Paul Stone's time in the hospitality industry has been marked by his work in the fields of marketing, sales, and convention services management. He has worked for a number of prominent hotels and hotel groups. Paul Stone has worked all over the California Bay Area, but he prefers being able to work in his favorite city: San Francisco.

Paul Stone specializes in sales, regardless of what industry he is working in. This is because he has a knack for not only achieving sales numbers, but blowing past them. Paul Stone has a lot of experience building sales teams who meet sales quotas and build positive sales environments. He has mostly worked with high end hotels and luxury boutique hotels, which includes some of the best hotels in the San Francisco area. He has also worked with non-profits in the San Francisco area like the San Francisco Ballet and Club One Fitness, which is run by the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco.
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